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I am an LCSW and a graduate of Fordham University’s Graduate School of Social Service. 

I have an undergraduate degree in Sociology and Education from the University of Miami. 

As part of my training, I have worked as a therapist at a psychoanalytic training institute, the Training Institute for Mental Health.  At the Institute’s mental health clinic, I worked with diverse populations of adults and young adults experiencing depression, anxiety, eating disorders, sexual identity issues, substance use issues, panic attacks, grief, and trauma. 


Additionally, I ran emotion-focused groups and provided individual counseling for intellectually and developmentally disabled adults in an AHRC day habilitation program.  In a previous incarnation, I provided job-related counseling to help clients clarify their career options and goals.  I also spent many years as an adult education instructor and Flamenco dancer.

I am a warm and attuned listener and am experienced in working with a variety of issues, including anxiety, depression, and relationship difficulties.  My practice is informed by relational psychodynamic thinking and the significance of early attachment relationships. I bring to my work a genuine interest in the human experience and a desire to help you discover what feels worthwhile and satisfying in your life.  As a therapist, I seek to be my authentic self and believe that the many years I have spent in my own individual and group therapy have deepened my understanding of how people can change. 

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