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                        Interpersonal Process Group: Improve Your Relationships


   This is an ongoing group aimed at learning to notice, understand and articulate thoughts and feelings about ourselves and others.  Through participation in the group, members come to understand patterns that affect their relationships outside of the group.  Group provides an opportunity to try out new roles and behaviors, while connecting with others, building inner resilience and developing tools for more satisfying relationships.




This group will focus on noticing and understanding patterns in the way that we relate with others and how these patterns impact our relationships outside of the group. Group will help you to develop and refine the ability to understand, and articulate thoughts and feelings about ourselves and others. Insight from interactions with group members can give new information and a clearer understanding of what goes on in our relationships outside of the group, as well as an opportunity to try out new behaviors in a safe, therapeutic environment. The group will emphasize interpersonal skills, fostering resilience, better relationships, and improved self-esteem.


This group would be a good fit for you if:

  • You often feel frustrated, dissatisfied, or angry in your relationships

  • You struggle to communicate thoughts, feelings, and needs directly

  • You feel isolated and lonely

  • You would like to develop tools for improving your relationships, while connecting with others


Fee: $50 per week

Start Date: Group began in January, but is currently seeking new members

Time: Thursdays, 10:15am to 11:45am

Where: 302 5th Ave, Suite 807

An initial intake will be required for potential group members.

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